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The Age of Eco-Friendly Cars

 Over 100 years after its development, more than one billion vehicles have been deployed worldwide, and the life without a car has never been imaginable. The rapid development of technology and the spread of automobiles have brought immense freedom and convenience to mankind as the liberation of space constraints. 

 However, as the explosion of automobiles accelerates the global warming caused by harmful exhaust emissions and the problem of fine dust in the city is emerging, exhaust emission regulations are being strengthened.

 Therefore, the development of exhaust emission reduction technology through the improvement of combustion efficiency, catalyst and exhaust system which is directly related to the air pollution is going on. Also the importance of this will become even bigger in the future.

Research Direction

 The Environmentally Friendly Engine Lab (EFEL) is a laboratory that conducts academic and experimental research on engines for development of environmentally friendly engines. As exhaust emission regulations are strengthened globally, interest in environmentally friendly vehicles and the importance of research and development are increasing significantly.

  In our laboratory, we are carrying out research to advance the development of eco-friendly engines to meet the various demands of the global automotive market. Research interests include development of engine parts, engine control, combustion, and numerical analysis. We are also involved in industry-university collaborative research and government projects.

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  • Development of Conversion Technology for Dual Fuel (Natural Gas/Diesel), funded by KETEP (2017 ~ 2019)

  • Development of Ethanol Flex-Fuel Vehicle with Turbocharging and Direct Injection Technology", funded by Ministry of Environment (2016 ~ 2019)

  • Development of the 800 kPa Fuel system of a High Presure Precision Control for NGV, funded by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (2016 ~ 2019)

  • Development of Glow Plug system Technology Integral Combustion Pressure Sensor based on Convergence Technology, funded by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (2015 ~ 2017)

  • Experimental Study of Combustion Characteristic with Various Ethanol-Gasoline Blends for Flex-Fuel Vehicles(FFVs), funded by Hyundai Motor Company (2015 ~ 2016)

  • Development of Design Technologies of Core Control Algorithms and an ECU for Clean Diesel Engines, funded by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (2011 ~ 2016)

  • Optimization of Blow-by Gas in Engine Head Cover, funded by INZI Controls (2015)

  • Development of Downsizing Technology for Gasoline Engine, funded by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (2010 ~ 2015)

  • WRSM Development for e-Assist, funded by GM Korea (2012 ~ 2014)

  • Development of Hydrogen Enhanced LPG Engine and LPG Reformer, funded by Ministry of Environment (2011 ~ 2014)

  • Development of High Temperature Plastic Tubing system for a Clean Diesel Vehicle, funded by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (2011 ~ 2014)

  • Development of a High Efficient Battery Charge/Discharge system with Energy Recovery Function for Eco-friendly Vehicles, by PNE-Solution (2010 ~ 2013)

  • Performance Analysis of DOC and LNT Catalysts for DME Engine, funded by Ministry of Knowledge Economy  (2009 ~ 2012)

  • Core Technical Development of Powertrain system with High Efficiency and Low Emission for Commercial Vehicle, funded by Han-Il Tube (2008 ~ 2012)

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